As a Sub Sea Consultant with over 26 years significant Oil & Gas experience working both internationally, and in the North Sea, I have worked on all aspects of Well Control equipment from Jack-Up surface systems, through to 7th Generation Drill ships.

During my time in the Subsea Department as part of the rig’s core crew, I have filled the position of Senior Subsea Supervisor in the North Sea, Angola and Equatorial Guinea. After this, I moved on to Transocean’s Well Control Equipment SWAT Team as team leader. During this time, I gained experience on various systems and was involved in a number of large ship yard projects and re-builds.
During my most recent position of Well Control Equipment Superintendent for Transocean’s West Africa/GGA division, covering Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone & Cote d’Ivoire, a major part of my duties was to work as the QA/QC specialist on board their vessels during all ship yard and between well maintenance activities, ensuring procedures were used, work quality validated and signing off on procedures as required. From there, I changed regions to cover Asia, working in India, Singapore and Myanmar.
My work scope also included full departmental annual surveys as well as new/recertified equipment surveys, pro-actively supporting and planning of all BOP maintenance activities and between well work scopes, the day to day running of the subsea department as well as being part of a very fast paced EOW/IBWM team.